About me

Hi welcome to my personal blog,

where I share my online business tips and tricks with fellow entrepreneurs.

If you are a bit like me a couple of years ago,

You got this great idea but are not sure whether you should start it.

Everything seems like an uphill battle and you are not quite yet committed to spend all your hard earned savings.

You are not sure it will be worth it (which means you get a lot more out of it).

This is where I step in: I want to help you. I want to get your idea started.

Therefore I ease the pain of building your biggest business asset that you can have: your website!

You will find a whole bunch on this topic on my blog. Tutorials starting from scratch with zero knowledge to ultimate best practice guides for experts.

Today we and your grandmom know that you need a website.

But why? Why do you actually need a website? Even more, why do people say it’s the most important asset to explode your business? (or get it off the ground at all)

First of all your website is the first point of contact where your potential customers can see hands on quality from you.

You may have talked with them, showed some experience and made them feel good.. but think about it.

They have never seen work of you – especially if you are just starting out and don’t have a portfolio yet.

One thing is sure: they will Google you.. and hopefully find results that represent you in a high quality high trustful manner.

To establish this trust that you need to sell anything, you want, no you need to have a website.

Business without a website are commonly believed as shady.

That be not true at all but people feel that way.

Therefore let’s change this, build your website and get you off the ground!

– Arian

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