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Search Engine Optimization Tricks

This post is a collection of in depth posts by field experts on search engine optimization.

If you are new to this topic you might want to check out my post on online marketing in general, my introduction to search engine optimization and my post on tracking your website statistics.

Let’s start 🙂

Complete SEO Guides

In case my introduction to search engine optimization was not enough I’m going to share two additional superb guides to search engine optimization.

Moz’s Beginner Guide To SEO

This is one of the best and lengthiest introduction to SEO out there. It covers every bit I can think of. It’s divided into 10 chapters. So if you have a bit of time and really want to dig into the topic I suggest this as the best guide to start.

Quicksprout’s Advanced Guide To SEO

Neil Patel wrote an excellent advanced SEO Guide which contains great actionable techniques and SEO tricks.

Keyword Research Guides

Keywords are the phrases that search engine users type into the engine’s search field.

Think of what your target audience is interested in and may search in Google.
Then write an article that covers this topic and make sure to cover the keyword in your H1 Headline and Meta Title.

Harsha provided another cool strategy to find your target audience keywords: Quora!
Be active in your community and you will often stumble upon problems and related keywords.
Make sure to check out his comment below!

Backlinko’s Keyword Research Guide

Backlinko’s founder Brian Dean is one of the most recognized SEO Experts out there. Many can recap what is already known. But Brian brings his on twists to SEO, shares his secret tactics and publishes in depth case studies.
In short: he is the one that stood out in recent years.

Backlinko’s Long Tail Keyword Guide

This guide is an in depth extension to finding attractive long tail keywords.
Is your target keyword heavily contested?
Search for long tail keywords to find a blue ocean.

Link Building Guides

Link building is the technique to get backlinks to your own site to increase its search engine value.

Backlinko’s White Hat SEO Case Study

There are various techniques to build quality backlinks. However this one case study includes all the little details that the test subject Emil did for his success. Amazing read and highly recommended!

Backlinko’s Link Building Guide

Of course Brian also has one hell of collection on link building. From broken-link link-building to Guestographics and far far more.

SEO Tools

To give you even more powerful options to push your site’s ranking here is my own SEO Tool list.

No real SEO guide without mentioning Google’s Keyword research tool. You can find it in your Adwords account:
Google Keyword Planer

If you are searching for social media influencers I reviewed a list of helpful tools here:
Social Media Influencer Tools

In case above tools are not enough Brian made a huge list covering 153 SEO tools.
Check it out here: Ultimate SEO Tool Research


Search engine optimization is science and art in one. Because Google’s search index algorithm continuously develops through it’s own artificial intelligence, definitive answers are rare to find. However above best practices are really good tips and tricks to reach your desired SEO goals.


4 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization Tricks”

  1. Harsha says:

    Hey Arian,
    I would like to suggest you Quora where you can get keyword ideas for your next post, being an member there I can understand the pain points of Digital Marketers and try to build an article related to their questions.

    1. Arian says:

      Hey Harsha,

      That’s a cool idea!
      I have included it in the article!

      Thanks & Cheers,

  2. Jen says:

    Do you have any content that focuses specifically on inner linking? I think it’s one of the most under utilized aspects of SEO and would love to hear your take on it…

    1. Arian says:

      You mean linking from one of your pages to another?

      I think this is the only way to forward authority on your own site. Therefore it’s a great way to boost your sales pages from your well-ranked content pages.

      Brian Dean mentions it from time to time and recommends it. My opinion is similar to his and I highly recommend him as go-to for SEO related topics (I took one of his courses too and learned a lot!).

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